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Protect your privacy using advanced encryption technology, your Nexion modem can secure your data transmissions making evesdropping virtually impossible.

  • 128 bit AES
  • World wide standard
  • Fast
  • Seamless
  • More secure than email or fax
  • More secure than GSM mobile phones

Fast, seamless, on the fly encryption of all data - using a user configurable AES encryption key.

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Following years of research and development, Nexion Data Systems believes it has found the right mix of technology and simplicity to  permit high-speed data operation using conventional 2-way radio.  Our management and engineering team stepped away from conventional chip solutions and standard data modulation schemes and concentrated on developing a modem using Digital Signalling Processing [DSP] technology.  These commitments eventually lead to the NX1500 series our first generation modem employing advanced DSP algorithms and in-band audio signalling to achieve high-speed data transfer.

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